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The Salkantay Llactapata Machu Picchu Trek is the number one alternative to the Inca Trail. With high snow-capped mountains, lowland jungle and a visit to the Inca site of Llactapata the trek offers a perfect mix of trekking, culture and nature.


With fewer people on the route, the Salkantay Llactapata Machu Picchu Trek allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Andes without any of the distractions and disturbances you find on the Inca Trail


This Salkantay Llactapata Macchu Picchu trek we offer is considered to be the best itinerary in which you will visit 2 glacial lakes, and enjoy amazing glaciers. We include the third camping site at Llactapata Inca ruins which are located right in front of Machu Picchu. From this view point enjoy the greatest angle view of Machu Picchu and the surounding mountains like: Huayna Picchu Mountain, Machu Picchu Mountain and Salkantay Mountain. Also you will hike through the original Inka Trail on the way to the Inca ruins, from Llactapata you will enjoy the sunset & sunrise over Machu Picchu.


Starting Altitude - 1950m / 6398ft.
Highest Altitude - 6398m / 15,092ft.
Walking Distance - 34km / 21 miles
Longest Day - Day 1, approximately 14km / 8.7 miles
Coldest Night - Day 1 around 0º celsius
Overall Difficulty - Moderate

Pricing: $550 per person

Private Group

2 Trekkers 3 Trekkers 4 Trekkers 5 Trekkers 6 Trekkers 7 Trekkers 8 Trekkers 9 Trekkers 10 Trekkers 11 Trekkers 12 Trekkers 13 Trekkers
$820 each $640 each $570 each $550 each $520 each $500 each $480 each $480 each $470 each $460 each $460 each $460 each


The SALKANTAY LLACTAPATA MACHU PICCHU trek tour departs daily and it can be hiked year round although the months of April till October are probably more comfortable since the weather is drier. June, July and August are the high season when this tour can be fully booked so be sure to make your reservations in advance. The months of January, February and March are in the wet season so hiking the trail requires that you have a good rain jacket and waterproof tent.

Fitness Requirements

The SALKANTAY LLACTAPATA MACHU PICCHU trek is rated moderate to challenging. The challenging day is Day 2 while the other days are moderate. It is important to be in good health and feel comfortable walking for extended periods of time. You must also be well prepared specially because altitudes of 4600m/15092ft are reached, so ensuring that you are well acclimatized is important. If arriving from sea level, plan to spend at least 2 full days in Cusco prior to commencing the trek. This should allow plenty of time for acclimatization and give you sufficient opportunity to visit the city of Cusco and nearby Inca ruins at Sacsayhuaman, Q'enko, Pucapucara and Tambomachay, as well as spending a day or two exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas visiting the tradition market town of Pisac and the fascinating Inca fortress at Ollantaytambo


Day 1: Cusco - Soraypampa – Humantay Lake - Soyroccocha

Let’s start the adventure!!!!
2:00 am Pick up from hotel, by our tourist bus, We´ll travel through the Andes, reaching Soraypampa.


At 5am we pick you up at your hotel and we drive in our private van to Soraypampa for 3.5 hours. Along the way you can enjoy some spectacular views of villages such as: Iscuchaca and Limatambo, stunning valleys and snow-capped mountains such as Salkantay. At the trail head (Soraypampa) we have our breakfast enjoying the amazing views of Humantay (5900mt) and Salkantay (6217mt) Mountain glaciers. Then we do a short hike up to see the turquoise Umantay Lake which will take 2,5 hours round-trip, afterwards we continue with a gentle climb for 1,5 hours to Salkantaypampa where we have our delicious lunch in front of the beautiful glacier. After lunch we continue for one more hour uphill by switchback to our first campsite at Soroccocha located at the foot of Salkantay Mountain. Then enjoy your tea time with coffe and hot chocolate. The views on this day will be truly breathtaking.


Meals: Lunch - Tea Time - Dinner
Accomodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 10 km/6 miles
Time: 6h approximately
Difficulty: Moderate


Day 2: Soyroccocha - Salkantay Pass - Colpapampa

Today is Salkantay!!!
After a delicious breakfast, we start our trekking with a moderate climb for 1 hour to reach the highest point of the trek (4,650m/15,367ft). From there, we can enjoy the spectacular views of snowcapped mountains such as Salkantay (6,217m/20,717ft), Humantay, Huayanay, white rivers, and small lakes..... Then we do an extra hike for half an hour to enjoy the turquoise Salkantay Lake. After that, we walk down to Rayanniyoc where we will have lunch and finally we trek for 2 more hours to Colpapampa where we spend the night in the small community.


Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Tea Time - Dinner
Accomodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 16 km /10 miles
Time: 8h approximately
Difficulty: Challenging


Day 3: Colpapampa - La Playa – LLACTAPATA

After a heartwarming breakfast!!!
On this day we walk for 3 hours through the beginning of the rainforest, enjoying a myriad of flora and fauna including orchids, birds, coffee trees, cacao trees and fruit plantations. We arrive at La Playa (2,060m/6,797ft) for lunch with free time to rest before climbing uphill for 3 hours by the original Inca Trail and through the andean cloud forest to the Puncuyoc pass and then onto LLACTAPATA Inca ruins which are located at 2,700m/8,907ft (an Inca site located straight in front of the citadel of Machu Picchu). It is our third evening´s campsite.


Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Tea Time - Dinner
Accomodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 20km / 12.5 miles
Time: 9h approximately
Difficulty : Difficult


Day 4: LLAQTAPATA – Hydroelectric - Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes).

Today is the train ride to Machu Picchu Pueblo!
Weather permitting, we will enjoy a sunrise with spectacular views of Huayna Picchu Mountain and Machu Picchu Mountain. After the breakfast we start walking downhill for 2 hours to the hydroelectric plant where we have lunch.


After having a nice lunch at the Hydroelectric, we will board the train to Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes). Other trekkers using other companies will be walking to Machu Picchu Pueblo for 12 Kilometers (7.5 miles) and the only thing they will see are train traks. But not you. You will be comfortably taking the train to Machu Picchu pueblo to get a good night rest at your hotel. There are no words to describe the joy of seeing the town of Aguas Calientes, the tired legs are quickly forgotten as we are near our hotel. Not only would we get to take a hot shower, but also sleep in a real bed... Hurray!


You will have plenty of time to go to the hot springs. We all meet for dinner at a restaurant and get a plan for our next day.


Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accomodation: Hotel
Distance: 15km / 9 miles
Time: 7h approximately
Difficulty : Moderate



We catch a bus from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu, the buses start running from 5:30-6am. What does this mean? This means that all the people who took the 1st bus are most likely going to get to Macchu Picchu before others and be the first enjoying the Sunrise, also well rested and relaxed and with full of energy for climb Huayna Picchu mountain or Machupicchu mountain if you decide it.


Machu Picchu is an incredible spectacle of architecture, culture, and history. Machu Picchu is special, and watching the sun break the mountains and illuminate the city of stone is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The setting for the ancient city is absolutely stunning, and the feeling of reaching it by foot over 5 days of such intense physical exertion and the swath of rugged terrain that you’ve since left behind makes the entire moment of standing atop Macchu Picchu much more rewarding than had you simply taken a train from Cusco and then a bus to the top.


Overall this journey is highly recommended, just be sure to bring some good rain gear, some really strong bug repellent, and be prepared for an absolute madhouse on the final day of the trek “cause after 10 am thousands of tourist are coming from Cusco in a day trip to Machupicchu.


Ok, so here’s the deal with Huaynapicchu. Only 400 people who purchased the entrance tickets in advance can climb Huayna Picchu, the famous little mountain that sits inside of Macchu Picchu. 200 hundred people at 7:00 am and other 200 hundred at 10:00 am. If you want to do it, please let us know at the moment of your reservation.


At around 6:45p.m. (depending on train availability), you will be taking a train to Ollantaytambo and from there; a bus will drive you back to Cusco. Arriving approximately at 22:30 pm


What's Included

• Pre trek briefing
• Transfers In / Out
• Transportation Cusco-Mollepata. (Start of trek)
• Professional bilingual tour guide English /Spanish.
• Assistant tour guide (for groups of 9 or more people)
• Entrance Fee to Machu Picchu.
• 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 afternoon snacks, 3 dinners. Vegetarian (vegan) food on request at no extra cost!
• Cook. (Professional)
• Drinking water along the Inka trail, only on meal times.
• Dining tent with tables and chairs
• 1st Aid Kit
• 01 Oxygen Ball
• Horses (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment)
• Horse men
• Quadruple & waterproof Camping tent “02 people only”
• 01 Sleeping Mattress per person “therma rest”
• 01 night in touristic hostel in Aguas Calientes “Machupicchu Village”.
• Return train tickets (Machupicchu > Ollantaytambo and bus to Cusco) transfer to Hotel.

What to Bring

• A small backpack with a change of clothes for the whole period of the trek
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping mattress (we will provide you with this)
• Rain jacket or poncho (plastic ponchos can be purchased in Cusco for a few dollars)
• Strong, comfortable footwear
• One complete change of clothing
• Sweater and jacket (something warm)
• Water bottle, ideally non disposable canteen (boiled drinking water will be provided)
• Torch / Flashlight and batteries
• Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
• Sun block (sun protection cream)
• Insect repellent
• Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
• Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, energy bars etc,
• Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries, cash in soles and US$
• Swimsuit (if you plan on visiting the hot springs at Aguas Calientes after the trek)
• Optional: walking Poles /sticks (rubber covers necessary)
• You also need to bring your original passport on the trail.

Not Included

• Breakfast on the first morning.
• Dinner on the last night.
• Sleeping bags - If you don't have a sleeping bag or you don't want the hassle of bringing one all the way to Peru with you, then we have sleeping bags for rent.
• Tips for the guide, cook and porters
• Additional horses for passengers luggage.

Optional Services

• Extra mule to carry YOUR things - $10.00 per trip day
• Extra riding mule and muleteer to lead it - $18 per trip day
• Sleeping Bag suitable for – 10deg $4.00 per trip day
• Deluxe Sleeping Bag suitable for -15deg. $5.00 per trip day)
• Walking stick lightweight aluminum ($2.00 per day, per stick) Two sticks are recommended for tough hikes.
• Thermarest inflatable mattress - $4 per trip day
• Inflatable pillow - $2 per trip day
• Comforting Camping trek upgrade $40.00 per trip day
• Single tent supplement (ie you don’t want to share a tent) $25.00 per person

Terms and Conditions

• The Salkantay Llactapata Machu Picchu Trek is non-transferable, non-reimbursable and the participant cannot change the date of departure.
• If during the length of the program the traveler abandons the excursion due to altitude, health, or for any other reason, no reimbursement will be made and no claim will be accepted. MACHUPICCHU.CENTER does not cover the expenses made by the traveler due to abandonement such as meals, hotel, return transportation, medical expenses, etc.
• Certain Services might be interrupted or even cancelled due to weather conditions, natural disasters or other disturbances such as civil unrest, worker strikes, etc. These are out of the control of hotels, Service suppliers, MACHUPICCHU.CENTER or its partners and therefore, no refund will be given.
• In case of force majeur, when a trek or tour cannot start or be completed, MACHUPICCHU.CENTER will find an alternative. If this alternative is of lower value than the originally booked tour, MACHUPICCHU.CENTER will refund the difference.
• It is compulsory that all clients have personal travel insurance. This insurance must cover personal accidents, medical expenses, loss of effects and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage or injury occurring to the client. MACHUPICCHU.CENTER cannot be considered responsible for any accident or loss of personal belongings the customer caused by his/her acts

Cancelation Policy

The Client may cancel this tour package at any time provided that the cancellation is communicated to in writing. Cancellation charges will be applied as shown below calculated from the day written notification is received by All reservations cancelled are subject to a cancellation fee:

Cancelation Notice Received Cancelation Penalty %
16+ Days advanced notice $20 Penalty
10-15 Days advanced notice 60% Penalty of total booking paid
7-9 Days advanced notice 80% Penalty of total booking paid
0-6 Days advanced notice 100% Penalty of total booking paid