Tickets to Machu Picchu: learn how to get last minute tickets starting August 28, 2023

The director of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture (CDD) Cusco, Maritza Rosa Candia, announced that starting August 28, 2023, there will be a new way to get last minute tickets. This article will show you how, but it is recommended you contact Machu Picchu Center at +1 865-622-4841 or visit the Machu Picchu Center official website for assistance on last minute tickets.

Machu Picchu Peru (2018)

Machu Picchu Center assists tourists on getting last-minute tickets to Machupicchu

Machu Picchu is one of the tourist destination preferred by national and foreign citizens. Its landscape is not the only thing that has captured visitors, but also its history, architecture, art and engineering. In addition, the Inca citadel is considered one of the most important monuments in the country.

This is why there is a great demand from tourists. From a capacity of 4,044 who can enter the Inca sanctuary daily, 1,000 are available for purchase in person, while the rest are sold through the official government website and also authorized agencies like Machupicchu Center. Most tourists will find all tickets sold out if they do not make reservations at least one month in advance.

Buying tickets in person has become a challenge however. In recent weeks, visitors have shown their discomfort with the long lines and the disorder that is evident.

The director of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture (CDD) Cusco, Maritza Rosa Candia , provided more details about the new implementation that has been announced so that tourists can get one of the 1,0 00 daily tickets in person.

visitors in machu picchu

More than four thousand visitors should arrive at the Inca citadel, but this does not happen.

The official stated that in view of the complaints, it has been decided to launch a virtual queue through a website (which will be available soon). In this way, officials seek to avoid crowds and specially from visitors who come from the early morning to try to get a ticket . The cost of admission will remain the same, and it will be valid until December 31, 2023.

“The virtual queue will take place starting next week because they are in full implementation. Probably, it will be from Monday, August 28,2023. From there tourists can reserve their ticket to buy in person in Machu Picchu town ”, she declared to this medium.

Citizens must reserve their entry through the web and then go in person to make the payment. The portal will be enabled between 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm, and will allow you to reserve a ticket for the next day. "For them to reserve their ticket it will be by number, there will be no need to queue and with staggered schedules," she adds.

queue to enter machu picchu

Long queues are registered in Machu Picchu

Presence of resellers?

The official stated that despite the fact that there is a capacity of 4,044, not all the quotas are filled, so she does not rule out that there are unscrupulous people who seek to make a profit by reselling the tickets.

“What we are doing is that tourists have to reserve with their passport 48 hours before. However, the payment will be made in person and with proof of their identity document. This will filter out false resellers” she clarified.

Likewise, she maintains that this new strategy has the objective of avoiding queues and that visitors have the "guarantee" of finding a ticket for the next day. Candia explains that the ticket requires a queue and the identity document must be presented .

The staff will also have bar readers to read the QR codes. Meanwhile, she reported that two more windows were implemented, because there were only three to serve a thousand people.

queues machu picchu

Machu Picchu: know the process so you can get one of the 1,000 tickets | Machu Picchu.gob

Capacity increase

If the queue is virtual, why isn't the sale also done online? When asked, the interviewee pointed out that the population requests that purchases be made in person , so the sale will continue in this way. As is recalled, some visitors reported that they had been lining up since dawn, but they could not get tickets.

Meanwhile, they will be evaluating increasing the capacity for entry to Inca citadel , but it will depend on the report from the authorities. “A subcommittee has been formed so that they can evaluate the circuits and the capacity. Only then will they present their work plan on the 29th [August]. We cannot yet say that it will increase, ” she explains.

More Peruvians visit Machu Picchu

Tourism had to stop a few months ago due to demonstrations in various regions, so the Ministry of Culture decided to temporarily close the citadel. This is how the number of tourists decreased, but in recent months it is Peruvians who have visited Machu Picchu the most.

“45% to 60% are national income, and between 35% to 40% are foreign. Those who are coming more to the tourist area are national and local, ”she specified.

The official also mentions that in recent months it could increase, due to the arrival of students for promotional trips or end-of-year parties .