All tourist areas of Peru are closed from March 16 to August 31st due to the Peruvian Government's mandate to protect tourists and Peruvians from the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19. The following options available regarding tour and/or ticket reservation. This information has been updated as of Oct 24 2020

Option 1: PUT YOUR RESERVATION ON HOLD UNTIL DECEMBER 2021: We are allowing customers affected by the closure of tourist areas to put their reservation on hold until December 2021. You simply let us know via email or chat and we will send you a voucher confirmation. When you are ready to travel, you inform us and we will re-issue new tickets/vouchers

Option 2: DONATE YOUR RESERVATION TO A LOCAL FAMILY: Peru's tourism was hit very hard due to the Pandemic. Choosing to donate your reservation to a local family will help local tour guides, local drivers and local porters put food on the table. Tourism was their only means of work and tourism ceased since mid March. We thank the numerous customers who have donated their reservations to our local families.

Option 3: REFUNDS NOT ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR MACHU PICCHU TICKETS: Refunds are available for customers affected by this closure only if your reservation dates are between March 16th to August 31st, 2020. The dates are being extended depending on conditions. If your reservation is after June, please check again at a later date. However, you are only entitled to the face value of the ticket/service in Peruvian SOL converted back to USD at the time of the refund. The refund amount DOES NOT INCLUDE taxes and administrative fees that are non-refundable. Here are the specific details:

When will you get your refund?
Since we depend on the Ministry of Culture and/or other suppliers to recover the funds already paid, the following is the refund schedule based on the Ministry of Culture timetable:
- Reservations from March 16 to March 31 will be refunded by July 30th
- Reservations from April 1 to April 26 will refunded by August 30th
- Reservations from April 27 to June 9 will be refunded by September 30th
- Reservations from June 10 to June 30 will be refunded around October 30th
- Reservations from July 1 to July 31 will be refunded around November 30th
- Reservations from August 1 to August 31 will be refunded around December 30th
Once funds are recovered, we in turn will refund each customer accordingly within 2 weeks.

What to do next? Please contact us and let us know how you would like to proceed regarding your reservation.

Warm Regards

The team